Bella Bot

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Featuring an innovative bionic design language and artificial intelligence voice functionality, Bella Bot is a workhorse providing human and robot interaction capabilities for collection and delivery contents up to 88 pounds. 

Bella Bot is powered by two Intel® RealSense™ SLAM Navigation Solutions for a minimum height object detection of 2 centimeters and obstacle detection frequency up 5,400 times per minute.


A front detection angle of 192.64 degrees and obstacle detection range of 33 feet. Touch feedback, AI voice instruction and smart expressions are built into the feature rich Bella Bot. 


Robot Size / 22.2 x 21.1 x 50.7 


Robot Weight / 125.6 pounds


Robot Material / ABS / Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy 


Operating Time / 10 - 24 hours (swappable batteries capable)


Charging Time / 4.5 hours 


Cruise Speed / 1.9' - 3.2' / second adjustable 


Climbing Angle / < 5 degrees 


Load Capacity / 22 pounds per tray / 88 pounds max robot capacity