Puductor 2

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Puductor 2 is an automated sanitization robot for spaces seeking contactless solutions to minimize cross infection risks and provide an exceptional standard of protection for virus defense. 

The UV-C Lamp has complete 360° surround sterilization and illumination of ultraviolet disinfection is 177 uW/cm2. 

The battery capacity is 51.2 mAh and the disinfection operating time can reach six hours, covering a disinfection distance of 12-15 rooms in a hotel, hospital or lockeroom.

Puductor 2 is equipped with two swappable batteries. 

Auto detection sensors double as safety detectors of liquid levels in the ultrasound chamber and the ultrasound chamber is stops automatically when liquid levels are lower than the safety level. 

A real time detector for liquid levels of the disinfectant solution tank reminds operators to when to replenish disinfectant.

The Laser SLAM autonomous driving solution is developed on Pudu Robotics Laser Positioning Algorithm.

Multiple sensors embedded in the solution allow in depth environment perceptions, perceiving in real time with centimeter level positioning for indoor and outdoor operations.

The SLAM Lasers support wide range, remote detecting distance and high accuracy positioning, enabling Puductor 2 to move across spaces like terraces, open restaurants and outdoor malls. 

Puductor 2's self adaptive and adjustable suspension system adjusts to the best terrain conditions by changing its dampening and resonance frequency based on the surfaces and moving conditions.

Puductor 2 is capable of crossing 1.6 inch obstacles with improved moving steadiness ability by 50% from the first generation of this same robot.

Automatic retracting and releasing of the UV-C lamp is controlled by an automated interlocking mechanism and kept in a closed state under non UV working conditions.

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed its own robot positioning and navigating technologies and disinfection modules.


Robot Size / 22.24” x 21.14” x 47.24”


Robot Weight / 132.27 pounds


Battery Capacity / 51.2 mAh


Reservoir Capacity / 15L


Irradiation Intensity / (at 3.2’) 177 uW / cm2


Disinfection Time / Max 6H (Replaceable Battery)


Charging Time / 4.5 hours Cruise Speed / 1.7' x 3.9'


Robot Material / Corrosion Resistant, Fire Resistant, Aluminum