UV Sanitization key for the return of office spaces



“We’re seeing office spaces use UV-C sanitization tech in conference rooms, entryways and HVAC systems,” said Joe Heaney, an air-quality expert and president of Lotus Biosecurity. “As offices reopen, they’re doing so primarily to promote the type of in-person meeting and collaboration that is difficult to accomplish via Zoom, making conference rooms and meeting areas some of the most utilized spaces. UV-C sanitizing ‘robots’ are used before and after meetings on a five- to seven-minute cycle to ensure that the next group entering the space is in a completely sanitized room, with clean air and surfaces.”

Heaney is also seeing the implementation of “sterilockers” — cubbies that use hospital-grade UV-C light, originally designed to sanitize doctors’ white coats. “It wipes out any germs you or someone you are meeting may have inadvertently picked up, say, on the subway or in an elevator,” he said.

Lastly, Heaney said there’s an uptick in UV-C as a method of air purification that has been effectively used in the HVAC systems of hospitals and other high transmission-risk areas for decades. “The efficacy of these systems are up to 99.99 percent when designed properly,” he said.