Look for High Precision Robots at CES 2022, Look for Pudu Robotics

How do you know if a Clydesdale measures 15 or 19 hands high? How many centimeters can a robot maneuver around in a restaurant? 

There is a short list of specific features differentiating high precision and performance to act as workhorse robots to help businesses where they need them.

These features are key areas for any decision maker wanting to rely on feature rich, industry leading robotics manufacturing. 



Did you know… Pudu Robotics provides a Labor Savings of approximately 3.3 employees.

According to MIT, the average robot can act as a staff multiplier, increasing your resources by 3.3 employees. 

Basic Features and Technology Platforms

Much like the motherboard inside a computer allows all core components to interact and work together as one unit, these capabilities empower automation with speed and scalability. 

Operation time: The length of time the robot can operate on one battery charge 

Key Questions: Do you need 24/7 service? When are your peak and low business hours and how long do they last?  

Battery Interchangeability and Recharge Time: The ability to change out batteries, the length of time the robot can operate on one battery charge and the amount of time it takes to recharge batteries are often important features for decision makers seeking 24/7 business continuity. All Pudu Robots can recharge autonomously and will signal this with an audio message to the staff. 

Key Questions: How many batteries will you need to achieve the uptime you need in a
24-hour period? What additional costs will that create? What is the daily operating cost per robot and how many will you need?

Top speed, range and coverage area:  Understand the distance that robots can travel and any limitations in navigation. Consider floor height clearance, turning radius, stopping times, etc. 

See Pudu’s BellaBot in action in Dallas, Texas 

Machine Vision Platforms and Operational Systems: Vision and navigation systems including smart cameras and sensor technologies allow robots real-time visibility into the environmental conditions. These capabilities should be investigated, as these underlying platforms are the key to the physical agility and adaptability of mobile robots as they navigate changing scenarios and avoid accidents. 

Tips: Understand which company actually manufactures these platforms, and perform any due diligence to ensure you are investing in the latest innovation from trusted name brands like Intel, Mother, and DJI. Vision and navigation systems are the source of fast-paced innovation, you will want to make sure your manufacturer’s roadmap is rapidly advancing — this way your investments are evolving on the cutting edge. 

The Bottom Line: While operation time, batteries, and movement limitations matter, the key to acquiring an advanced mobile robot lies in the quality of the vision, sensor, and navigation platform.

Safe Stations specializes in robots of many types and can help you navigate the nuances of each model provided by major manufacturers including Pudu Robotics, Unitree and DJI. 

Safe Stations is here when you’re ready to match capabilities with specific needs and we’ll make engineers available for a deep-dive consultation.