2022 CES Sneak Preview / Buyer’s Guide to Supplemental Robots

Robots and robot manufacturing processes have been a huge aid to the victims of the supply chain and labor shortages during the pandemic. 

Business leaders shifted their digital transformation priorities to enabling their remote workforce to build out today’s touchless, digital-first service interactions.

As a result, robot manufacturers are introducing many new models in 2022. 

Overcoming labor shortages and automating many processes around each business comes at a necessary time as many businesses look to hire for consistencies in the new year. 

Differences between older and newer models can be difficult to decipher, the feature sets among these models represent years of ingenuity and functionality improvements.

So, how do you recognize the new robots from their older siblings? 

It’s a matter of knowing the leading features and technologies. 2022's industry-leading delivery robots and robotic dogs serve one example.

These include advanced vision and navigation systems built on the highly trusted ​​Intel® RealSense™ technology platform.

This is the innovation furthering the physical agility and adaptability of robots as they navigate multiple, dynamic work scenarios. These advances help robots avoid unexpected collisions and become smarter with each operation as they map their environment.

Think of this platform as the difference between seeing the world in 3D rather than 2D with supplemental assistance for a multitude of delivery tasks from automated your mail clerk to assistant wait staff with bussing tables. 

As some of the most agile robots in their category, Pudu Robotics' Bella Bot and Ketty Bot, are robotic restaurant servers capable of assistance with meal delivery and plate collection robots with 88 pound carrying capacity among four levels of tray space. 

Each robot has an intelligent onboard delivery system to route meals and assistance to an exact location to provide maximum assistance and autonomy among its environment for any business. 

All Pudu Robots are equipped with Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM capabilities built on the ​​Intel® RealSense™ platform for a minimum height object detection of two centimeters and obstacle detection frequency of 5,400 times per minute.

Translation, they are more agile than any Roomba in America. 



Key Questions to Ask


  • What are the newest innovations and what does the latest generation include that previous version don’t? 
  • What are costs of inaction vs the costs of robots daily operation? 
  • Will it perform as advertised or are the features you show considered future capabilities on the product roadmap?


The Bottom Line: Know what you’re getting and beware of investing in previous year's technology at future prices. New innovations continue to roll out and look for market leader Pudu Robotics to launch new models at CES 2022.

See Pudu Robotics in action at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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